You must call on the name of your god, and I shall call on the Name of Yahweh; the God Who answers with fire, is God indeed. First Kings 18:24

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Wig’s Word of God Today 6-13-2012


You must call on the name of your god, and I shall call on the Name of Yahweh; the God Who answers with fire, is God indeed. First Kings 18:24


The person who keeps them and teaches them will be considered great in the Kingdom of Heaven. Matthew 5:19


First Kings 18:20-39, Psalm 16 & Matthew 5:17-19


Sometimes in life, we find challenges from God without knowing He’s asking us to believe in Him above all other “things” in the world to once and for all rid our doubts of His Power. The people of Elijah’s time thought they could match the Power of God in seeking power from nothing as where Elijah mocked them as He proved by God’s Divine Power He is the LORD of all sending His flame of proof to consume the Altar and dry up the excess water pulled over the bull. As Elijah said, “the God Who answers with fire, is God indeed.”


We find ourselves challenging God in every facet of our lives seeking not His Will but the fleeting pleasure of lust, flesh and greed. It’s when we truly trust God’s Divine Plan for our lives that we start to live in Communion with His Will to live for His Decrees teaching only what is said to be True from God’s Holy Word. Jesus reminds us today that living the Word of God allows us to understand that He has fulfilled the Law accomplishing all the Prophets foretold. Remember to call on the Name of God often throughout the day and seek His Truth to guide your every thought, action and deed. Amen.


Today I’d like to recognize a person who teaches the Word of God by her thoughts, actions and deeds to live a surrendered life of faith, hope and love. Her fervent love of Jesus Christ is a true example of giving your all to living for God’s Divine Plan. She is kind, loving and beautiful and today she celebrates her birthday. Happy birthday to my amazing wife Antonia Cruz-Wiggins! XOXO


So we ask in prayer: Dear LORD, we pray today we call upon Your Name often seeking to teach the Decrees of Your Truth in thought, action and deed. We pray today for guidance to live in Your Will for Your Glory. We pray for Toni’s birthday. We pray for Steve a homeless vet. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.


God Bless His Truth for America,

Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins

Romans 8:28

Spirit led God inspired Christ fed


Will be called great in heaven to commit- Matthew 5:17-19


Speaking to His Disciples

He shared the Truth anew

I have come not to abolish

But fulfill the Law to prove


Until Heaven and earth pass away

Not the smallest letter will change

The law will be humanity’s guide

God set forth His Decrees to arrange


A place for all things to accomplish

God’s Divine Plan for all

Whoever breaks a commandment

These teachers will surely fall


In their fall they will be called

The least in Heaven to wit

Whoever obeys and teaches the Laws

Will be called great in heaven to commit


© Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins June 13, 2012 @ 5:09 AM EST

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