Responses to Radio Broadcast of

Universal Utterings by Thomas Cruz-Wiggins





Emmaus Palanca: I have known Thomas now for a little over 3 years. His marriage to my neighbor Toni brought us together. We have talked many times. His sincerity and God inspired vision has shown me his love of Christ. His commitment to spread the Gospel is inspiring to me and I imagine all that meet him. I look for his daily Bible study every morning when I get up. I am an early riser and I know Thomas is too. So when I don’t see it I know he was working for God the night before. I include Thomas in my prayers for his continued diligence in his endeavors. Especially now that his step-son has been hospitalized from a car accident. More than ever now Thomas needs our prayers and support. I can tell you that Thomas has stepped up and continues to write his daily Bible Study and a daily update on his step-son. His strength and dedication can only come from his love of God and Christ. He has been a true inspiration to us all. I pray that his stamina continues while his step-son heals. Then after the healing I pray that Thomas continues his teaching to this young man and the rest of us. God Bless you Thomas. You are a rare man who is a true lover of Christ. Mike Pacca Jr. 7/13/12


  1. Looking forward to hearing more of this program. I just started this week and it is blessing my heart and mind. Joni Samms, New Orleans. 2/27/14


  1. Dear Pastor Cruz, To be a child of God and to really know it is wonderful. Your broadcast ministry blesses me and my family in true-to-the-word study. In Christ’s way, Lynn Morrison, Toronto 3/6/14


  1. God’s blessings are bountiful. We just have to look around. I listen to you at work and it gives me a little boost in the Word. Praise Jesus!! Anne Fowler 3/7/14


  1. Bless you Mr. Wiggins. I like to hear your broadcast. Always a good lesson. Lissa Vaughn 3/25/14


  1. I TURNED TO HIM. HE SAVED ME. I LOVE MY JESUS! Joyce Renfroe, Madison, WI 4/3/14


  1. Dear Brother Thomas, You are part of my regular routine and it blesses my life to hear your encouraging words. Some days you get me through it all! Paula Oliver, Winston-Salem 4/9/14


  1. Please have a prayer for Kimber Sullivan who is having surgery next Monday to remove a brain tumor. This is very serious, but it is not malignant and they should be able to get it all. God preserve her! Lin Kirkland 4/9/14


  1. Dear Pastor Crews, Without Jesus, I was lost and drowning in sin. He made a difference for me and I know He can for other people too. I praise Jesus for all He is doing in my life and I try to glorify Him every day. Bless your ministry. Joan Carr 4/29414


  1. Please say a prayers for Martha Robinson. She has pleurisy and is in a lot of pain. She is always down with something and we worry for her health. It would help for sure if she would lose some weight. She is over 300 pounds and can hardly get about. It is scary what she has done to herself. God can help her though I know. He cares and watches over all his sheep. Thank you. LaWanda Foxe – Detroit 5/2/2014




  1. Pastor Thomas . . . I don’t know what I would have done without God above. He has healed me and has helped me to grow in the spirit and the knowledge from His word. You are my teacher and I like all you do for the Lord. Nancy Adams 5/7/2014


  1. My name is Ahmed, I live in Beirut, Lebanon. My family and I listen your program and enjoy the teaching. Blessings from us. 5/7/2014


  1. Since I let Jesus in my live all those years ago, all the clouds have rolled away. It is an incredible experience to know what came over me when I was saved. The change was nothing short of a miracle. Thank you for reaching others so that they also may know the Lord. James Tolbert 5/13/2014


  1. The goodness in this world is sometimes overlooked because the BAD is so OBVIOUS. God is GOOD and He has so much for us to appreciate. His love is overwhelming to me and I want to shout it from the rooftop. I want to glorify him in all things I do. Leigh Moore, Little Rock 5/20/21


  1. Maybe someday I can hear you preach somewhere. Bless you Pastor Wiggins and this work you do! June Tucker, Santa Fe 5/22/2014


  1. May God bless your broadcast and ministry because you are touching our lives with his work and love. Karen Stone – Manchester,  5/28/2014


  1. Listening all the time. God speaks to us even today. I listen to your broadcast. He blesses in those words. ~Patti Owens~ 6/4/2014


  1. Brother Thomas: It is time to pray. The world is in a terrible mess and the lost must recognize this and dedicate their lives to Christ. HE is coming back and it might be TODAY!!!!! Doris Sullivan 6/6/2014


  1. Happiness —I mean real happiness within— comes from knowing Jesus and constantly growing in my walk with Him. You help me toward this goal with your broadcasts. Lorna Stephens 6/12/2014




  1. I hope you can have a moment to pray for Georgia Allen. We are old friends and I am worried for her since her husband died. She does not get out much and is alone a lot. I hope she can find a new direction for her live in Christ. Irene Phipps. 6/12/2014


  1. Dear Pastor Cruz Wiggins, A few solid words from the Bible and I am strengthened for more of the battle with the things of this world. Bless you and keep at the good toil for the Lord! Janet Besson, London, UK 6/17/2014


  1. Dear Brother Thomas, Like the old song says, I was sinking deep in sin. I didn’t have any idea which way to turn, but Jesus knew. I reached to me and saved my soul. Now I am happy all the time and I am safe in the arms of God. Now, walking with Jesus…. Lynn Ilges – Columbus, Ga 7/2/2014


  1. I just want to say hello and thanks for your wonderful program. Lucinda Richardson, (Liverpool, U.K.) 7/10/2014


  1. My name José Rodriguez and I live Santiago de Cuba. My friend have a satellite internet and we listen you on it. This a blessing for us. Thanks you very much. 7/23/2014


  1. Dear Pastor Cruz-Wiggins, Being lost in sin is nowhere to be. I thank Jesus that He saved me and is so willing to save others. They just have to accept Him into their hearts. — Catherine Paxton, (I am a student living in Paris and love this program) 7/26/2014


  1. When I became a Christian, I realized that my Christian journey had just started. I am living the life for Him and learning all about our Blessed Savior. Thanks for your help toward this. Paul Longridge 8/12/2014


  1. There are so many valleys, but God has shown me the mountain top and I am headed that way with His whole Word and your teaching. Catherine Williams-Jones, London 8/21/2014


  1. I receive you on the Globosat unit and I must say that this is a time of devotion for me. Thank you. Your ministry is in my prayers. Winston Fowles, Birmingham, England 8/27/2014
  2. Dear Pastor Cruz, I say PRAISE THE LORD. He and He alone does all these great things in the world. It is all His and we are but the caretakers. What a wonderful task to work for the Lord above. Lillie Prather, From Newark, NJ 9/11/2014


  1. Dear Brother Thomas, It was ten years ago that the Lord took my have and I have never felt alone since. He is the solid rock of my life. I am glad He blessed me with your program. It is helping me develop as a good follower of Christ. Thomasina Rogers, Orlando, Fla 10/2/2014


  1. Cruz-Wiggins, Please put Harris Butler on your prayer list. He has a bad back and is out of work and stuck in bed over this. Mildred Yancey, Charlotte, NC 10/9/2014


  1. If it is ok to ask. I need to ask for prayers for Jack Caldwell. He has that Crohn’s disease and it makes his life very difficult what with problems at work and everything. I would appreciate it if you can pray to God on his behalf. Thank you brother Wiggins. __ Marti Evans (Boston) 10/22/2014


  1. My name is Andrea Williams. I live in Memphis, Tenn. And I listen to you regularly. The program is always well-though-out and full of just what God needs me to know in a nice little packet. I wish the best for your ministry and I am praying for you. 10/22/2014


  1. I would be nowhere without my Jesus. To this day I cannot imagine how I got along while I was wandering in the darkness except that He was with me. I say bless your ministry for the way you touch my life with the great Word of the Lord. Imogene Sanders (St. Louis) 10/28/2014


  1. Hello Pastor Cruz and blessings in the name of the Lord. I get you on the ROKU and your teaching inspires me and lifts me up for Jesus. In His way, Lynn Fitz 11/11/2014


  1. Dear Pastor Cruz-Wiggins, I and my sister María listen you a lot. You know God and it show in you program. We like this work. I am Gustavo Álvarez Holguín. 11/20/2014




  1. I am an American student. I live in Bonn, Germany. We listen to you here and are grateful to have this connection with you. Blessings to you, Anne Rutherford 12/16/2014


  1. Dear Brother Thomas, I want to say that I like this broadcast and how the spirit has been moving through it in my life. I am Lynn (ilford) Ilford. 12/23/2014


  1. From Fatiha Yousfi in Beirut Lebanon, For Pastor Cruz-Wiggins, I am was not born into a Christian family, but I have learned of Jesus by the radio broadcasts that come to us from the U.S. Your program has become a favorite for me. Blessings in the work of Jesus the Christ. 1/8/2015


  1. Pastor Cruz, CHRIST IS RISEN and lives to save our souls. We have our greatest opportunity because HE lives! Praise Jesus. Pauline Weaver, Jackson, Mississippi4/1/2015


  1. Dear Pastor Cruz-Wiggins, I have a prayer request. Please pray for June Everett. She has cancer and needs all God’s help. Thanks, Pat Summers 4/1/2015


  1. Dear Pastor Cruz-Wiggins, There was a blank space in my heart. Jesus filled it and I am whole in Christ. It is always a joy to hear your teaching program. I’m Millicent Reynolds. 4/6/2015


  1. I listen regularly to your broadcast and I am always encouraged in the Word. I believe that the Bible is our source for all encouragement and sense of direction that comes direct from God. Your work is a blessing. From Janice Evers / Perth, Australia 4/15/2015


  1. Dear Brother Cruz, My SAT receiver is a real blessing. It was a gift from some neighbors who were moving and I have enjoyed it so. Thanks for a very good broadcast that is filling me with the spirit. Harriett Jordan-Nance 4/23/2015


  1. Dear Pastor Cruz-Wiggins, Greetings in the Name of our Father. I hope this finds you and your ministry doing well! Bless you. Jennie Halcomb 4/24/2015





  1. Thomas, My name is Raul Martinez Lopez. I am a Catholic Priest from the Diocese of Fort Worth Texas. I was ordained on May 24th 2014. Today I am celebrating Mass at 8:15am. I was navigating on the web looking some interpretations about God’s Hand and after read some commentaries I had found your page.
    I enjoyed your commentaries and you gave me some Light. Thanks.
    I am from Mexico. I have been living in Texas since July 2012 and still learning English. I would like to learn English well to write my homilies clearly. Pray for me! Please.
    I have read that after the second year The Holy Spirit inspired you to write your reflections and poems. I am hoping the same. Keep me in your daily prayers. I am praying for you too. May God’s Hand remain with you always. Rev. Raúl Martínez López. GOD BLESS YOU! On Tue, Apr 28, 2015 at 2:27 AM, Raul Martinez Lopez  <> wrote:


  1. I am praising Jesus today Pastor Wiggins. The tests are back and I am cleared of cancer. I prayed so hard during your program and I am so blessed. Tommy Lovern 5/6/2015


  1. My name is Lisa Martinez and I am a follower of Jesus. He set the standard for the way we should behave. If more people actually studied what Jesus said and quit making up things and calling them “Christian”, this would be a better world. 5/19/2015


  1. The day we received the GlobaSat receiver was a real blessing because not long after that we started listening to your broadcast. You have an excellent program that helps us all to better understand what God intends for each of us. Sincerely, Marie Price-Jones Manchester, England 5/29/2015


  1. Dear Pastor Cruz-Wiggins, I pray for your ministry that you continue in your strong effort for the Lord. Blessings, Roberta Fulton 6/4/2015


  1. I enjoy hearing you and I am one who surely benefits. I need Bible instruction and you are the one for it. A good message every morning. Glory to Jesus! Inez Fowler, Montreal 6-9-2015


  1. Pastor Cruz, Your program has become something that I never miss. I love Jesus and I appreciate every time I learn more about Him. You are a blessing, Wanda Ricks – Detroit 6/24/2015


  1. Dear Pastor Wiggins, The ROKU is a really great service and I am glad I get your broadcast on it. My sister and I listen to you all the time and the blessing we receive it terrific. It is the knowledge of the Lord that boosts our lives! IN CHRIST’S way, Linda Richardson. 7-9-2015


  1. Pastor Cruz, Christian radio is practically nonexistent in Germany. We depend on programs like yours from the U.S. to give us good teaching of God’s Holy Word. We appreciate what you do and are glad that we are able to receive your broadcast on the Globasat channel. Blessings in the Holy Way, Kerstin Hofreiter Bonn, Germany 7/15/2015


  1. Dear Pastor Cruz, I don´t know what is to happen in our country. I live in Athens Greece and you may in your media have heard of the terrible times we are having in our economy. This week people were protesting in the streets again and it is a bad thing that is happening. We are worried that we will not be able to get our money from the banks and the country may have bankruptcy. As I listen to you all the time, I wonder if you will have a prayer for us. It will be so very appreciated. Thanks you. Christiana Paparinga 7/20/215


  1. Dear brother Thomas, I am new to your program but found you recently and I am enjoying your regular teachings. —- blessings from above, Rhonda Walker, Jackson, Mississippi 7/22/2015


  1. Dear Pastor Cruz-Wiggins, I have been stricken with terrible panic attacks and I have an awful time controlling them. They usually hit at night and my doctor does not know what is causing them. I haven’t slept well in weeks. He has given me medicine, but it isn’t doing much. Prayer can help me. Please put me on your list. With thanks, Mary Jonas 7/27/2015


  1. Dear Evangelist Cruz-Wiggins, I started listening to you on TuneIn and the broadcast puts me in the spirit every week and gives me the comfort of the love of God. I know that others must be experiencing the same thing and I am telling you thanks for doing God’s work. In the way of the Lord, Patsy Bullard 7/27/2015


  1. To: Bro. Thomas: I thank you for being true to the word. That is the most important thing a ministry can do! //// Ali Downs, San Francisco   8/12/2015


  1. Listen I was pretty bad at school, but when I found Jesus I found what I wanted to learn about. I have learned the one subject that everybody needs to know and I keep at it. Thanks for being a good teacher for me. Your program has a good lesson every time. In Jesus’s way, Jane Williams Tyler, TX  8/19/2015


  1. Pastor Cruz-Wiggins, My name is Jennifer Walsh. I listen to the radio program you do and it make me sit up and pay attention to what God wants for me. 8/22/2015


  1. Pastor Cruz-Wiggins, I hope you are well, as I send this message. I enjoy listening to you. You teach the Bible. Not philosophy. Not personal self-help stuff. It’s all real Bible-based teaching and I am so glad to be hearing it. My name is Monica Johnson. Thank you. 8/24/2015


  1. Dear Pastor Crews, The ROKU system is now installed in our home and we heard your program on it for the first time today. This is sure a blessing! from Virginia Stanton-Jones 8/31/2015


  1. Dear Brother Thomas, I lost track of time and almost missed you today. I don’t think I have missed a broadcast in months. My sister had dropped by and she listened with me. SO I think I got you a new listener today. Blessings. Myrna Calvin 9/4/2015


  1. Brother Thomas, I listen to your brief lessons every day and I am delighted to feel I know my Lord just a little better each day. These are rich nuggets of teaching. Thank you, Lisa Tarpley, Phoenix City, Ala 9/11/2015


  1. Pastor Thomas your spot on, great job. I am William Marks, 9/14/2015


  1. Dear Pastor Cruz, I am in trouble with my money. I seem to have so much to pay for these days and my pay check is gone before I know it. I think I will have to find a new job. Please pray for me that I will improve my job and get something better to take care of my family. James Kitchens, Toronto 9/24/15


  1. Dear Brother Thomas, I today heard from a dear friend who is celebrating her 95th What an amazing woman she is. It is incredible what a fine Christian life she has lived. I hope that I can grow in Christ the way she has. We both listen to your broadcast. I am Julie Thomas San Antonio 9/28/2015


  1. Dear Brother Thomas, I am Joan Norton and I live on Ottawa. Winter will be at full blast here soon. And it is always my reminder that God is the Master of our world and our lives. It is this understanding that has helped me along through so much of life. I am blessed to have Him in my life and there is such joy in it. 10/1/2015


  1. The Lord’s work goes on and I am glad you and I are a part of it. He needs all we can do for Him and He deserves our best efforts and to Him be all the glory. Thank you Pastor Wiggins for a good and consistent quality program every week. Brenda Maxwell 10/5/2015


  1. I have been sick and in hospital for pneumonia. I missed your program because no radio was permitted. I am thankful to be better and to be home again and able to hear you this week. Blessings, Roberta Milton (Liverpool, UK) 10/5/2015


  1. I am Nora Johnson. I am from Jackson Mississippi and I am a regular listener. I really enjoy the program. You lift me with the spirit of the Lord and I know how strong God is in my life. Bless you. 10/7/2015


  1. Dear Pastor Cruz, My son is in trouble all the time at school. I don’t know what I can do. They call me every week about this thing or the other. I ask you to pray for him and to pray for me. I want to be a god parent and do what is right. Thank you. Tiny Bradshaw 10/9/2015


  1. I only had a minute, but wanted to say hello and how we listen to you with enthusiasm for the Lord! Bless you Brother Thomas! –Dina Morgan Birmingham 10/12/2015


  1. My family listens to your broadcast all the time.  You give us the love of the Lord in a concise lesson and we are filled with the Holy Spirit. We ask God’s blessings in our diligent work for the Lord. Margaret Lawrence (and family)   London, UK 10/15/15


  1. Me and my friends really like to hear you. We listen with great pleasure. Thank you for your good and quality work. Keep up the great work. Good luck and prosperity. Your fan. Myroslav Kaban, Vul. Mik Rudnova, Ivano-Frankivska, Ukraine 10/20/2015
  2. It’s a long way to get to where I am today. The trials were many and I seemed to just have an awful time finding Jesus in my life. It took really opening my heart and mind to Him to let Him in and give Him the control that is rightfully His. He is in my life and I am so blessed! Jeremy Sims Macon, Georgia 10/20/2015


  1. We always find a blessing in your broadcast. Thanks for sticking to the Word in its TRUTH! Callie Rogers, (Little Rock) 10/23/2015


  1. It has been a great weekend, but a lot to do. I have wanted to send you a note for some time to say that I like your program. I hear you most days. I finally had a moment to tell you. Thank you. Ginger Quinn, I am from Newark, NJ 10/25/2015


  1. Dear Pastor Cruz-Wiggins, I am very pleased to have found your broadcasts. I listen pretty often and I am always pleased that the Lord has put you in my path. Thanks you so much for caring to do the work of our Lord. Dorethea Lawton, 10/28/2015


  1. Please pray for Josephine Talmadge. She has the flu and it is really rough on her. God will take care of her. From Elisa Taylor, in Jackson, Miss. 11/2/2015


  1. I share your love of the Lord and want to pass it on! Praise Jesus everyday! Rene Sullivan, 11/4/2015


  1. Please pray for Joni Phelps. She has cancer. We are all concerned for her. She is strong and God will see her through. I know. IN Christ’s way, Cora Hall, 11/6/2015


  1. Pastor Wiggins, I am looking forward to your program this weekend. You always have a good and solid lesson for me. I’m Leslie Reynolds in Birmingham, Al, 11/7/2015


  1. I am scared by the politicians who think they are Christians. They are a sad bunch these Republicans who are only for the rich 1%.   They are against anything for anyone except themselves and their rich supporters.  Just listen to the debates.  They are lunatics.  So sad that the so-called “Christians” thing the Republicans are going to do something for then.  NO CHANCE.  Get real.  Behave like Jesus; NOT like Republicans. Mary Leonard in Dallas, Texas, 11/19/2015


  1.   It is the season of Thanksgiving.  We must tell the Lord that we are thankful for all he has done.  Terrance Pope, Lawrenceville, Georgia, 1123/2015


  1. I want to wish you a very happy Thanksgiving! Elizabeth Walters, 11/26/2015


  1. Hi Bro. Thomas. I am sending prayers for your ministry. It is good what you do for the Kingdom. God needs us all to band together for the benefit of all who believe. Jane Edmunds, 11/30/2015


  1. I have want to tell you for a time that I like to hear you broadcast. I and my mother listen every day and it is the lessons of the lord that we need. Many blessings in this work from you. Maria Sanchez, 12/2/2015


  1. Dear Brother Thomas, I am going to tell you that I listen with great interest to your broadcast because you are reaching home with me all the time. You teach me and I know it is in the real Word of God! Blessings, your friend, Tallie Jo Williams, 12/8/2015


  1. I pray for your ministry for the good that you do, but I also pray for the false prophets who try to put their big jets and lavish lives before God. Jeremy Bish, 12/14/2015


  1. Greetings in His Holy Name. I Hope all is well with your minister. I get so much from your program and I know others do also. The Lord has blessed you with a gift. Evelyn Bracewell, Chicago, 12/18/2015


  1. This is the program I listen to every day, because you have a real and sincere interest in helping people to know Jesus. Bless you, Karen Jones, Reno, Nevada, 12/21/2015


  1. Now I hear this and I know there are people who really teach the Gospel and I know they care about people like me. Tyson Bompas in Nairobi, Kenya, Africa, 12/22/2015


  1. I hope that you have had a very merry Christmas and all that it means in our lives. The birth of our Lord and the message that he gives of peace and love. – Roni Sims, 12/28/2015




  1. I have had a bad week and I need a prayer if I may ask for it. I got bad news about a promotion I was up for at work and I was devastated. Pray that there will be other opportunities in my life because my family needs me so much. I am Jan Thomas, 12/28/2015


  1. I am pledging myself to be even closer to God in the coming year than ever before. I have felt the wonder that God has brought to my life and I am dedicating my life to him. HE is all I need because He is the alpha and omega. EVERYTHING for EVERYONE!!!!!! Yolanda James, New Orleans, 12/29/2015


  1. My love for the Lord Jesus is without measure for I know he has done so many lovely things for me. I enjoy your broadcast and the blessed message of our Lord. I am Joseph Milborne and I write you from Johannesburg, South Africa 1/26/ 2016


  1. I live in Azerbajan where my father is these days to take care of him. My name is Asraf Bhegani. I started listening to you by accident and I must tell you that I am enjoying and learning from your broadcasts. My father is also listening with me. Bless you and your ministry. Azerbajan, Russia 2/4/2016


  1. I receive your program every day on Globasat. We have good reception and the program you have is a gift in teaching the Bible. Thank you. Janice Roberts 2/6/2016


  1. Time was never so short. I value what we have on this planet as gifts from God, but we are on our way to judgment day. I love my Jesus and I am ready to see him face to face. Bless you as we ready ourselves. Rebecca Kennedy, Decatur, Georgia 2/10/2016


  1. I am Sandra Capps. I love the Christian lessons you have on the channel. I need good teaching from the Bible and I have found it in your work. You are a blessing. 2/16/2016


  1. I live in Los Angeles. I tried to get work for a long time in the film industry, but found that I just was not cut out to be an actor. When I found Jesus I really discovered my way and I went back to school and now I am a teacher of children with disabilities. It is very rewarding and I am glad to serve the Lord in this way. Cory Burke 2/18/2016


  1. I am sending in a prayer request. My name is Lynn Farr. It’s for my Aunt Virgie. She has cancer and the whole family is upset and so worried for her. She has always been so strong to hold the family together and we have relied on her so much. We pray every night and every day for her. Now I am asking for you to have her in your prayers. Thank you. 2/24/2016


  1. I put the dangers and the dark part of this world away when I listen to you every day. I am aware that God is in charge and that I have nothing to fear!                      Elena Henry 2/27/2016


  1. I have the GlobaSat receiver and it is a great blessing to hear you every week. Martina Sullivan, Manchester, UK, 3/6/2016


  1. Dear Pastor Thomas, I have one of the GlobaSat devices and I have it locked in on this channel. I listen to you every day and it is a fine blessing to hear the good teaching that you do. My name is Olivia Rogers and I live in Brisbane, Australia, 3/9/16


  1. Can you pray for Jill Becker. She is in a bad marriage and it is abusive. I am trying to help her see that she has to get out of this situation. Thanks, Margaret Eubanks, 3/9/16


  1. I am so blessed to have a Christian family and to have had this opportunity to know Jesus and all he means for us. I wish this chance for everyone because he can help so many. I am glad that you do the work of serving God in this capacity. Thank you, Lori Reynolds, 3/19/2016


  1. Just rejoicing in the Lord today. It is one of the glorious days that God created.  I am but his servant and I want to glorify him in everything I do. The key to a good Christian life is really knowing the Bible.  I study everyday and I also enjoy learning from your radio lessons.  Bless you.  Lenora Glover, Jackson, Miss. 3/24/2016


  1. I have been going to church since I was a child, but I must confess that for the longest time, I was just going through the motions. I want to say that I started really and seriously studying the Bible and I found in God’s word the help and direction that I needed.  Praise HIM!  From Stephanie Faulkner, 3/30/2016


  1. I think Jesus led me to your program. I have this new ROKU unit and I was playing with the tune in app and I found myself on this channel. Your program is so helpful to me and I have now been listening for about two weeks.  I wanted to let you know. Blessings, Carla Joyce Rutland, 3/30/2016


  1. I have a lot of free time now that I am retired and I am having the opportunity of doing something that I have wanted to do for many years and that is to really dedicate myself to studying the Bible. It is truly a labor of great love to delve into the Holy Scriptures and really read and understand it all. God has given me this possibility and I am enjoying it. Also, I listen to your broadcast and it enriches my experience of study.  Bless you.  Laura Raughley, Hilo, Hawaii, 4/7/2016


  1. To: Pastor Wiggins, I receive your broadcast regularly and I do so enjoy your teachings. I have made you part of my worship. Keep up this fine work for the Lord Jesus Christ! Margaret Rogers-Betts, 4/12/2016


  1. There is real substance in your messages. I always know I’m going to get a valuable lesson that I will keep thinking about. Bless you Brother Thomas. Lenora Franks, Nassau, 4/26/16


  1. Love Lifted Me is one of my favorite old songs and in my real life that is what happened as Christ lifted me out of a life of sin and that is all I had to do just let him take control. Wishing you the best in you ministry and having you in my prayers, Donna Jean Williams, 4/30/16


  1. I have always been a lonely soul and a loner too. I have always shied away from groups of people.  So Church was off my radar.  There was no way I was going to participate.  My niece has been trying to help me for the longest and recently she got me to go to church with her.  Well, you would be amazed at the difference it and the Lord have made in my life.  I now realize that Jesus was working through my niece to help me and to save my soul.  This is incredible and I am over-joyed! (Sandra Clark in Dallas), 5/10/16




  1. The Truth is what God stands for and I hear it in your teaching. Bless you! Laura Meyers, Liverpool, England, 5/18/16


  1. Can you put Miriam Jordan on your prayer list? She has had cancer three times and it is worse than ever this time. Delores Smythe, 5/21/16


  1. You know of what you speak and I am always learning with your broadcast. Thank you very much. Joseph Alderson , I live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, 5/25/16