Vote Out Career Politicians- 5 days to “Congress Walking for Truth”

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I walked out to my car today to witness a man standing there looking at my windows reading aloud, “VOTE out career politicians.” As he walked away, I heard him say, “you got that right. They need to go.” I approached him with my hand extended and introduced myself stating, “Hi, my name is Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins and I’m running for Congress in 2012. I heard your comment about my window. How true, huh?” He smiled shaking my hand stating, “best thing that could ever happen to America, a complete change of guard.”  I replied, “I have felt for some time now that our government of the people has turned into a government of career politicians. Our Founding Fathers and Mothers did not want our government to grow so big and serve special interest so much.” Shaking his head no as he agreed with what I was saying he said, “America needs new faces and new ideas that represent the working man. Heck, a working man like you and me.” Without hesitation and a nod of my head I responded with, “I couldn’t agree more.”

Time and time again people I speak to are voicing the same sentiment: America’s politicians are disconnected from the common person who works from pay check to pay check struggling to feed their children and save to take a summer vacation. As the summer approaches, I believe less people will be traveling because of rising fuel costs as more and more people look for one of themselves to go to Congress and stand up for people who make this country what it is today: FREE. As a Veteran, I understand the price one pays for giving their all to protect our country. As a Veteran, I understand what it means to leave your family behind to take care of children or themselves while we support America’s freedom. As a Veteran, I know in my heart the people of America want to be represented by a person who’s not a part of the Washington Establishment filled with good values, strong morals and common sense…


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