Turn to Me and be safe, all you ends of the earth, for I am God; there is no other! Isaiah 45:22

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Wig’s Word of God Today 12-14-2011




Turn to Me and be safe, all you ends of the earth, for I am God; there is no other! Isaiah 45:22




Blessed is the one who takes no offense at Me. Luke 7:23




Isaiah 45:6-25, Psalm 85 & Luke 7:18b-23




My thrill of being a teacher of God’s children comes not only in that very moment when a child will go, “a ha” or “I get it,” but in every step I take to teach humanity the joy of knowing you are safe in the arms of God for there is no other. In my classroom of the world I share the love of God to allow individuals an opportunity to know the Truth in living His Word.




In my classroom of my school I teach children to know right from wrong, how to read and write and how to be conscious of the less fortunate. I like to tell my parents each year I’m not just your child’s reading, math, history and science teacher, I am proud to say I will teach your child how to live in faith, share compassion and provide hope for people around them as they grow up. I believe we want an active youth who will seek ways to share faith, charity and love.




I know in my heart and I am teaching by example for in the world of separation of church and state where we are not allowed to talk about God’s Only Son. In my Montessori classroom, we teach tolerance and understanding of all religions where the Creator of all is loving, charitable and compassionate to each and every human. I do feel blessed because I take no offense in the Son of God and surrender my life to His Truth but I share this surrender in a silent sort of way which speaks volumes of Who God’s Only Son is; Truth. I love my love of loving Christ Jesus. Amen.




By God, His Son and His Spirit we pray for everyone who repents and accepts Jesus as their LORD and Savior. We pray for Tim constantly. We pray for every child and parent. We pray for Bob and Mary Carter. We pray for each other- our families and friends. We pray for Prayer Point and the needs of the USA. We pray for Aaron Kuehne. We pray for Michael who is looking for work in ministry. We pray for LIFE FM. We pray for the Spirit to accept, bravery in God to change and intelligence of Christ’s Truth to know. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.




God Bless His Truth for America,


Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins


Romans 8:28


Spirit led God inspired Christ fed




Blessed by the One Who Takes No Offense of Me- Luke 7:18-23




John the Baptist wanted to ask


Jesus are you the One to come?


Or should we look for another?


Not to rush You or cause you druthers




We want to know to live for Your Truth


You are curing and giving sight to the youth


The sufferings of poor are obvious no more


As the lame are walking opening Your door




Go and tell John what you have seen


The sight of blind have opened to see


The Good News proclaimed for all to be


Blessed by the One who takes no offense of Me




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