Summer 2012 Congress Walking for Truth begins dedicated to my step-son Julian’s recovery from a severe car accident. Please pray for Julian!

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I am dedicating my Summer 2012 Congress Walking for Truth to my Step-Son Julian who is in Critical condition recovering from a severe car accident on June 29, 2012. Please pray for Julian!

Summer 2012 Day One of Congress Walking for Truth began today from my home community of Sacred Heart Church in Homestead where redistricting changed the 18th District to the newly formed area of the 27th District running from Homestead to parts of Miami Beach. My plan is to walk as much as I can each day spending time on corners waving and passing out information cards to people I get a chance to talk to until I end up in Miami Beach.

I am walking my community to instill in all citizens to get involved with taking our House back sending Career Politicians home and allowing everyday ordinary Americans to “serve” with pride void of ANY special interest.

For my walk today, I spent the entire time praying for my step-son Julian who is in Critical Condition at a local hospital fighting for his life from a car accident last Friday night. For every person I encountered, I asked them to pray for Julian’s recovery and healing. People all over the world have responded with prayers of hope and peace. Please pray for Julian!

Today, I encountered my Guardian Angel at mile three of a five mile journey for three hours from 9 AM until 12 Noon. His name was Angel and he offered me a cold water fill up of my water bottles and spent some time talking to me and praying with me for God’s Divine Will to be fulfilled in my life. It is such a blessing to encounter people who offer prayers of faith, hope and love to complete strangers yet brothers and sisters in one community of God.

I will continue my Congress Walking for Truth on Thursday, July 5th from US 1 and Allapattah Drive at the Southland Mall. Please look for my 15 foot flag pole with an American Flag and a POW flag waving. Please honk or stop and pray with me and help me take our House back!

Please join me on July 4th at Bird Road and 87th Ave where the South Florida Conservatives will be rallying for Religious Freedom and the repeal of Obamacare at 12 Noon. Please visit for more information.

May God Bless you all- Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins


Congress Walking Cruz-Wiggins Day One Summer 2012


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