So the other disciples said to him, “We have seen the LORD.” But he said to them, “Unless I see the mark of the nails in His hands and put my finger into the nail marks and put my hand into His side, I will not believe.” John 20:25

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Wigs Word of God Today 7-3-2013

Experiencing the gift of seeing Jesus face-to-face.

So the other disciples said to him, “We have seen the LORD.” But he said to them, “Unless I see the mark of the nails in His hands and put my finger into the nail marks and put my hand into His side, I will not believe.” John 20:25

Ephesians 2:19-22, Psalm 117 & John 20:24-29

We all have a hard time believing until something comes along and knocks us over the head and wakes us up out of our selfish sleepy state as an unbeliever. There may even come a time in your life where you’ll say, “Why doesn’t everyone believe?” God has given us the gift of looking or not looking at the inside of denial and agreement allowing us to grow physically, mentally and spiritually from a matter of choices. Thomas made a choice to believe upon experiencing the gift of seeing Jesus face-to-face.

Christ’s own statement, “Blessed are those who have not seen and have believed” places your self-will in the denial or agreement phase of learning about God’s Only Son and the ONLY Way to get to Heaven. I know, it’s hard to believe if you can’t see Him in your torment or success. We see the self as wanting to feel good constantly chasing the tail of gratification as a reason to deny charity to any situation in need bearing witness to the ills of lust and greed.

The Self of you prohibits the vision in you without living consecrated to a Life of Christ finding practice to make God’s Word come alive living in prayer behind your inner door or more importantly outward public life proclaiming the Salvation in the midst of friend and stranger alike. It’s wearing a t-shirt my wife gave me showing Christ’s face dripping blood from the crown of thorns waking people up from their sleepy state as they in an instant choose yes or no to believing Jesus is real as they read “He died for you.”

You can almost see their reactions without a word embracing Christ instantaneously or slipping the sunglasses down over their eyes in an act of denial as they sheepishly look away. There was a time when I’d say as I’m sure many do now about me, “oh no, it’s a Jesus Freak.” Now I try and find the time too purposely walk up to those displaying a Cross, Rosary or outward signs of loving God and pray with them encouraging anyone to always do the same thing. You will find God’s Only Son guiding you to live the life of faith, hope and love of charity by the belief you allow you self to feel. Amen.

We ask in prayer: Dear LORD, we pray to believe without seeing sharing what we believe in You. Novena prayers day five for Jouli and her daughters, Jada and Cassidy. Novena prayers day six for our knight’s charity work. Prayers for Dr. Cruz-Peluca. Greg Bishop has our constant prayers. LORD from Psalm 40:17, I chant- “While those who seek You rejoice and be glad in You. May those who long for Your Salvation always say, “The LORD is great.” In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.

I am yours in Christ,
Thomas Cruz†Wiggins
†Spirit led God inspired Christ fed†
Ephesians 6:17-20

Place your hand here Thomas and live my Plans– John 20:24-29

Didymus was Thomas
Doubting at first
Didn’t see the Christ
Raising New Birth

Fellow believers shared
Seeing the LORD by prayer
Seeing Him so fare
Thomas acted as if he didn’t care

The nail holes I must see to believe
Anything less he wouldn’t conceive
Stating he’d put his fingers to see
While his hand went in His side to agree

At least a week went by in Thomas’ denial
His response seemed almost vile
Locked inside the Upper Room trial
Jesus appeared to overcome what compiled

Through a lock door He stood tall and true
As He replied loudly “Peace be with you”
Speaking to Thomas showing him His hands
Place your hand here Thomas and live my Plans

He placed his finger and hands in Christ’s side
He proclaimed My LORD and My God to abide
Blessed are those who believe when most think I hide
Salvation to those who understand why I died

© Thomas Joe Cruz†Wiggins July 3, 2013 @ 5:13 AM EST

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