Seen not eye heard not ear

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Universal Utterings
for July 18, 2017

Seen not eye heard not ear

The True Wisdom.
6 Yet we do speak a wisdom to those who are mature, but not a wisdom of this age, nor of the rulers of this age who are passing away. 7 Rather, we speak God’s wisdom, mysterious, hidden, which God predetermined before the ages for our glory, 8 and which none of the rulers of this age knew; for if they had known it, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory. 9 But as it is written:
“What eye has not seen, and ear has not heard, and what has not entered the human heart, what God has prepared for those who love him,”
10 this God has revealed to us through the Spirit. For the Spirit scrutinizes everything, even the depths of God. 1 Corinthians 2 0610

Or search for wisdom comes with a price we think everyone around us should always be nice where understand what’s hidden in the depths of spikes perpetually cutting you grinding you up thrice. It is something mysterious and hidden losing wisdom given before all ages even new the crucified Jesus what instill his love through and through.

Remember to always fall back in your practice on the Word of God prepared by no other than the Lord God Almighty whose death he will prepare by the spirits so holy talking life and death of you and others where death comes from hidden Spirit smothers who I marvel if human eloquence can even understand their druthers unless they practice, pray and proclaim Jesus to overcome their suffrage not giving up God’s love. Amen.

Join us in our daily prayer of forgiveness. I am sorry Lord. I believe You died and Rose for me. Soul of my Father Earl Wiggins. IN Jesus Name. Amen.

I am a poet obedient to Christ,
Evangelist Thomas Cruz†Wiggins
†Spirit led God inspired Christ fed†
Ephesians 6:17-20

**1st Corinthians 2 Six thru Ten

Seen not eye heard not ear**

Mature who wisdom speak we
Age wisdom not away passing rulers
Glory ours ages before predetermined free
Hidden mysterious wisdom Christ crooners

Seen not eye heard not ear
Written also heart human entered not
Spirit only God revealed near
God’s depths everything scrutinized Spirit his afterthought

© Thomas Joe Cruz†Wiggins
July 18, 2017 @ 4:44 AM EST

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God First Ministries, Inc.
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†Spirit led God inspired Christ fed†

**Can somebody say, “Amen!**

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