“Congress Walking Cruz-Wiggins Petition Drive”

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Dear Fellow Citizens of South Florida,

My name is Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins and I am a Veteran and School Teacher who lives in Homestead, Florida. I am officially announcing my candidacy for the US House of Representatives on Flag Day in Key West from Mile Marker “0” as I begin a 275 mile walk on June 14th carrying a 15 foot flag pole with an American flag and POW flag at 10 AM

As a parent, Veteran and School Teacher, I am tired of sitting back and doing nothing when it comes to our government sliding further and further away from being a government of the people to a government of career politicians who have gotten rich from special interest and lobbyist who do nothing but cloud our governmental system.

After much prayer and family consideration, I have decided to undertake a Congressional Campaign by walking from Key West to North Miami Beach to show my commitment and desire to become a “Representative of the People.” I will adamantly admit that I am steering away from being labeled a politician by running for office in as much as the label itself is taken so negatively by the American People.

There is a process of running for Federal Office that many a voter seems to be unaware of and it’s the lack of candidates who run by having petitions signed to be placed on the ballot.  Too many candidates buy there way onto a ballot by paying $10,500 to have their name place on the ballot instead of getting out and meeting the people. I support mandatory petition signing process for all federal candidates and it’s my intention to prove this by conducting my “Congress Walking Cruz-Wiggins Petition Drive.”

My plan is to conduct this as an Apostolate Walk with no money and no credit cards seeking to bring communities together to talk about what their representative should do in Washington. With this said, I am trusting people will want to help me the first 14 days of my walk through the Keys with a meal or two and a hammock or couch to sleep on or I will be sleeping by the roadside. I know in my heart people will look at this walk as an attempt to bring people together for the common good.

Enclosed is a copy of my daily itinerary of where I’ll be by date and times. If you are interested in scheduling an interview, please contact Thomas at his number listed above or stop by his listed stopping locations. I look forward to meeting and talking with you all. As always, I remain,

Congress Walking for Truth,

Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins

Candidate for Congress

18th District of Florida

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