Universal Utterings
for February 8, 2018

Place Native shun


20 Rolling up the scroll, he handed it back to the attendant and sat down, and the eyes of all in the synagogue looked intently at him. 21 He said to them, “Today this scripture passage is fulfilled in your hearing.” 22 And all spoke highly of him and were amazed at the gracious words that came from his mouth. They also asked, “Isn’t this the son of Joseph?” 23 He said to them, “Surely you will quote me this proverb, ‘Physician, cure yourself,’ and say, ‘Do here in your native place the things that we heard were done in Capernaum.'” 24 And he said, “Amen, I say to you, no prophet is accepted in his own native place.”

I have felt the sting of not being wanted in my native place. Jesus was no difference he soothes his own tears in the synagogue quoting a proverb of apathy allowing his unconcerned surety of his divinity to smother them in His Words of love accepting the recognition of being Joseph’s son in this growing place he called native. I remember this campaign here in Florida some years ago where people who were born in Florida like to place a sticker that said native across the picture of the state of Florida. Boy, was I proud of that because my family had arrived in Miami in 1929 building on a small home and property near Bird Road and Ludlum for you Miamians out there.

Here, God instilled in my grandmother how to take care of her four children after her husband (Grandpa I never met) suddenly passed away from heart failure. The appearing five-year-old little blonde-haired girl who had just taken a picture with her daddy sitting on his knee against his truck would give birth to her eldest son as me here in South Miami Hospital. My native place my birthing location realizing along the way like Jesus where people of our native place will always be prayed for with the scent of love, faith and hope feeling his salvation. Humility takes us to place of enduring every instance of pain no matter the place of rejection like Jesus we must carry on in the fulfillment of Salvation. Amen.

Join us in our daily prayer of forgiveness. I am sorry Lord. I believe You died and Rose for me. Prayer intentions. IN Jesus Name. Novena Day seven for the soul of Grace Roessner. Amen. Precious Blood

I am a poet obedient to Christ,
Evangelist Thomas Cruz†Wiggins
†Spirit led God inspired Christ fed†
Ephesians 6:17-20

**Luke Gospel Chapter Four 20 thru 24**

**Place Native shun**

Handed scroll rolled
Synagogue eyes attendant
Hearing passage known
Fulfilling Scripture Jesus

Him highly spoke
Amazed were all
Words gracious notes
Mouth his drawl

Asked also they
Joseph’s son him
Jesus reply gray
Yourself cure Physician

Proverb quoted may
Prevented cluttered day
Place native sin
Hearing things again

Jesus amen call
Listen before fall
Accepted Prophet none
Place Native shun

© Thomas Joe Cruz†Wiggins
February 8, 2018 @ 6:13 AM EST

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