Peak of a widow rides in lines of hair

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for December 17, 2015

Let a widow be enrolled if she is not less than sixty years old, married only once, with a reputation for good works, namely, that she has raised children, practiced hospitality, washed the feet of the holy ones, helped those in distress, involved herself in every good work. But exclude younger widows, for when their sensuality estranges them from Christ, they want to marry and will incur condemnation for breaking their first pledge. And furthermore, they learn to be idlers, going about from house to house, and not only idlers but gossips and busybodies as well, talking about things that ought not to be mentioned. So I would like younger widows to marry, have children, and manage a home, so as to give the adversary no pretext for maligning us. For some have already turned away to follow Satan. If any woman believer has widowed relatives, she must assist them; the church is not to be burdened, so that it will be able to help those who are truly widows. 1 Timothy 5:9-16

For God rescues the poor when they cry out, the oppressed who have no one to help. Psalm 72:12

1 Timothy 5:9-16 & Psalm 72:12

Getting up to the Word of God refreshes the soul asking for nothing but getting everything God Wills as the practice He calls on by the self-will of being alive. Reality is steep in interaction less we run into a wall by actions of humanity’s repute very much alive in you and me as the piece of a growing puzzle. Will the Word of God instill in a widow male or female to flourish in a network of families blood or otherwise to a point of unconditional love. With a smile on our face most of us can recall friends like that.

The busybodies of gossip can be an ugly force in the world of family, friends or coworkers usually driving a wedge between Truth and reality lived as privacy over prominence. The Rescue comes in Jesus crying out to find the love, faith and hope God wants every human soul to feel. It comes not in idle chit-chat but grows by prayer as you practice the essentials of Works Good in a world of selfishness and ego. The colors and beauty of life are God’s gift to us no matter the plight will of self will get you. Amen.

So we pray, Lord we seek to help those who need help of Your Salvation. Praying a families friend in an auto accident. Prayers for my Family of Goodwill across the world who listen on Roku devices and Closer Walk Media .com people like Julie Baker of Boston and Lola Jackson’s granddaughter. Prayers for Dr. Cruz†Peluca.  LORD from 1 Timothy 4:7 I chant; “Avoid profane and silly myths. Train yourself for devotion.” In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.

I am a poet obedient to Christ,

Evangelist Thomas Cruz†Wiggins

Spirit led God inspired Christ fed

Ephesians 6:17-20


1 Timothy 5 9 thru 16 Peak of a widow rides in lines of hair


Peak of a widow rides in lines of hair

Sixty or older receives the churches care

Children raised works good reputation affair

Distress help less they yelp as we act unaware


Christ estranged lust of sensuality will impair

Pledge first breaking condemnation gossip not spared

Busybodies mentioning private acts personal in despair

Widows young marry children make you prepare


Works over the adversary some seek Satan they swear

Assist relative’s widowed church not burdened unfair

Helping real widows is how God and His Church forbear

Peak of a widow’s hair follows works good practiced prayer


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