Ourselves cleanse beloved promises these

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Universal Utterings
for November 19, 2017

Ourselves cleanse beloved promises these


1 Since we have these promises, beloved, let us cleanse ourselves from every defilement of flesh and spirit, making holiness perfect in the fear of God.
2 Make room for us; we have not wronged anyone, or ruined anyone, or taken advantage of anyone. 3 I do not say this in condemnation, for I have already said that you are in our hearts, that we may die together and live together. 4 I have great confidence in you, I have great pride in you; I am filled with encouragement, I am overflowing with joy all the more because of all our affliction.

Paul was trying to describe affliction as the will of God discussing with the Corinthians how to make a perfect holiness by this fear of He who created the world can crush your existence with the flick of a tree limb or the falling of His own electrocution wielding lightning from His own hands. This anxiety we should say comes from our own inner demons reflecting on sin instead of reflecting on salvation. The world draws us to this type of defilement where are hearts are drained by the flesh making ourselves dirty while appearing clean. Try to remember not to strike your faith down and evoke the promises from God Creator of love where confessed faith gives you salvation. Amen.

Join us in our daily prayer of forgiveness. I am sorry Lord. I believe You died and Rose for me. Prayer intentions. Happy 77th birthday to my mom. IN Jesus Name. Amen.

I am a poet obedient to Christ,
Evangelist Thomas Cruz†Wiggins
†Spirit led God inspired Christ fed†
Ephesians 6:17-20

**2nd Corinthians 7 One thru Four**

**Ourselves cleanse beloved promises these**

Ourselves cleanse beloved promises these
In Perfect holiness Spirit of God’s confidence fear
Advantaged taken not ruined or wronged disease
Us room make live together die together Christ death revere

Condemnation not affliction encouragement filled pride
God’s guarantee

© Thomas Joe Cruz†Wiggins
Nov 19, 2017 @ 9:29 AM EST

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