One week and counting

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My heart beats faster and faster as I think of the commitment I have made to bring an everyday American back to Washington to represent the people who feel disconnected to their government. As I enter this race to prove ordinary common people are suited to represent their districts of America, I bring about the thoughts of accomplishing something extra ordinary by getting out and meeting the people of South Florida from Key West to North Miami Beach on my “Congress Walking Cruz-Wiggins Petition Drive.” I will walk these 275 miles to get to know you, the people of South Florida to share ideals of Truth.

Let it be known that I believe in my heart that the people of America want their Congressional Candidates to get out and meet the people instead of paying $10,500 to have their name placed on the ballot. There is something terribly wrong with this picture: paying money to be your Representative. Our government of the people has become a government of “career politicians.” The American People are tired of politicians who are disconnected from their everyday occurrences. I will stand up and stop being silent. I am Congress Walking Cruz-Wiggins for Truth…

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