Miami Herald Fails to inform its readers information on all candidates

Miami, Florida- As a Veteran, Miami-Dade School Teacher and Miami Native, I am appalled by the Miami Herald not taking the time to inform all of its readers of candidates in the upcoming election. When you review a contract of any type, do you look over only two-thirds of the contract and leave the rest out not taking into account the entire contract’s contents?


This is how I feel the Miami Editorial Board is doing by not including No Party Affiliation Candidates in their interview and candidate voter information article to be run before the November 6th election.


As a candidate, I went through the same process of being placed on the ballot by hard work and determination just like any Republican or Democrat. It is un-American for a newspaper to exclude a candidate because they are not a Democrat or a Republican. Allow the voters to read the ENTIRE contract of candidates.


There are only seven extra NPA Candidates on the ballot for the South Florida Election Cycle. All candidates deserve the right to be placed in the Miami Herald’s piece of candidates for election. Please correct this grave injustice.


Press Release Contact:

Thomas Cruz-Wiggins


12001 SW 272 Terrace

Homestead, FL 33032




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