August 27, 2011


Re:      Mayor Bloomberg states: No Religion at Ground Zero Ceremony


To All Friends,


If you would, please take a moment to read this and forward it, in its entirety, to everyone on your email lists whether they’ll be in NYC or not on 9/11/11. Very importantly, you would want to include your Pastor, Clergy, Church Leader, or Rabbi, in the forward. I’m probably not the first or only one to have this thought, but if we can get the word out, we can show Mayor Bloomberg exactly what we think of his decision concerning clergy at the GZ events on 9/11. We can get this done if we all band together and keep spreading this via massive exposure on all social media up to and including 9/11/11.


To All Clergy Members,

I have a simple idea that you all may find worthy, and your assistance would be greatly appreciated. In light of Mayor Bloomberg choosing to insult God and all of us by not inviting Him via clergy to the 9/11 events, how would it be if the entire Christian and Jewish community, (that is to say, all Christian denominations and non-denominational, as well as all Jewish denominations) came together for a joint mission for God?


This is the idea; first, we need you and all the other Christian and Jewish leaders around the country, and especially in the Tri-State area of New York City to network via email, FB, Twitter, and all Social Networking methods, and get the word out to your respective congregations and ask as many as possible to attend the event. I might add, it couldn’t hurt if the various news media somehow caught wind of this.


Once there, they should all just spread out everywhere, so we could do a massive, ‘flash’ type prayer and recite the Lord’s Prayer when the mayor begins to speak, which would be our cue. We should do this even if the mayor has a change of heart between now and then and allows clergy, (i.e., he starts to speak, we pray aloud).


Since I am aware that most Jewish people do not recite the Lord’s Prayer, may I suggest to our Jewish friends that they recite ‘El Malei Rachamim’ or other appropriate prayer? I envision this as being just like the spontaneous caroling done in the malls during the Holidays. Additionally, it doesn’t matter if an individual is in attendance at GZ or not; if we can send this around the planet and every Christian and Jew, no matter where they are, starts reciting either prayer the moment the mayor begins speaking, the impact would be amazing.


We can cover a lot of bases with this. First, and foremost, we would have a chance to really honor God. We would also send a clear message to the mayor and those who oppose God that we’ve had enough and that we outnumber them. They can try to silence God’s messengers, but they cannot silence God, and He will be with us on this.

All that is required for this initiative to work is that everyone that loves the Lord gets involved and spread the word. I would appreciate your thoughtful consideration, prayer, and follow up on this. As I am Christian, I will close.


In Christ,

David DiCrescenzo

West Palm Beach, FL


2 Responses to "Mayor Bloomberg states: No Religion at Ground Zero Ceremony"

  1. jamie strong Posted on August 28, 2011 at 4:40 am

    Hi Joe, I have been getting a lot of emails and facebook messages that Mayor Bloomberg is not inviting clergy, NYPD, Firedepartment, and EMS first responders to the up-coming 9-11 event, as there is not enough room. I understand that politians are coming. I tried to find out if this was true by google, to no avail. Can you give me a web site to go to so I can forward to other concerned? I am from Tennessee, I find this news very disturbing. My thoughts. They were all invited 10 years ago, as they were needed, why not now to honor them as well

    • Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins Posted on August 31, 2011 at 10:18 am

      No website known on my end. Just Mayor Bloomberg’s announcement from the City of New York. God will be there. Our friends in Christ will share the LORD’s Prayer with the Mayor when he begins speaking.

      Take care and God Bless.

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