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for February 8, 2016

Perhaps this is why he was away from you for a while, that you might have him back forever, no longer as a slave but more than a slave, a brother, beloved especially to me, but even more so to you, as a man and in the Lord. So if you regard me as a partner, welcome him as you would me. Philemon 1:15-17

O LORD, Your Name is Forever, You’re renown, from generation to generation! Psalm 135:13

As they were leaving the boat, people immediately recognized Him. Mark 6:54

Philemon 1:15-17, Psalm 135 & Mark 6:54

Accepting another in the Lord no matter their plight is really tough for the people who encounter evil to family members or friends and yet they are expected to forgive. Once the forgiveness takes hold in your heart by the Christ Who Saved the world you will find a greater peace than before even if that takes to the point of your last breath. Forgive even our society as we kill the unborn out of convenience reckoning humanity for the joy of making a choice we don’t believe God has anything to do with or say about.

Our God is silent, right? He calls out in the perfect storm or the undeniable tsunami wave created by Him shaking the foundation of the world. Our God is never silent for even in the depths of a world so cold to the Truth of His Word bellowing obscenity’s thrashing around the globe in a rush of lust and envy, God will whisper His Truth in your ears as your veins fill with the Spirit. Let the Christ in you be recognized warming the soul of another comes from the practice of living the Word of God. Let everything about you become what the world asks us not to be. Beloved by God Eternally. Amen.

So we pray Lord we want to be Your beloved captured as a slave for Salvation . Novena Prayers Day 1 for Michelle Muns. Prayers for my Family of Goodwill across the world who listen on Roku devices and Closer Walk Media .com people like Janice Roberts  and Dorene Sanders 9 praying for her niece in Mexico City expecting a baby and Asraf Bhegani listening in Azerbajan of Russia. Prayers for Dr. Cruz†Peluca OHAM. LORD from Philippians 4:4 I chant for all families across the world, “Rejoice in the Lord always. I shall say it again: rejoice!” In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.


I am a poet obedient to Christ,

Evangelist Thomas Cruz†Wiggins

Spirit led God inspired Christ fed

Ephesians 6:17-20


Philemon One 15 thru 17 Lord regarded partner


Forever back Onesimus overcoming denial

Slave no more beloved by God as a brother

Paul embraced freedom Christ gave in every trial

Lord regarded partner welcome love from another


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