Last Day of School brings tears and fears.

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A day filled with tears and fears as we graduated our third graders and moved up our first and second graders. Room 108 of Coral Reef Montessori Academy closed out an awesome year of learning in a world of Montessori Teaching. My third graders were filled with the unknown as they said goodbye to their teachers of three years. Tears flowed while fears reside in children who first came to me three years ago. Such an amazing way to teach children where a child begins their 1st grade year with a class and grows from a 1st grader to a 3rd grader and then moves on to 4th through 6th grade allowing them a continuous opportunity to learn with same teacher and peers for three year cycles. I must admit the tears flowed from my soul as I miss each and every one of their smiles this summer and begin a new year with 10 amazing 1st graders.


I’ll miss you Class of 2011… Mr. Cruz-Wiggins

Mr. Cruz-Wiggins Class of 2011

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