Jesus answered them: I am the Bread of Life. No one who comes to Me will ever hunger; no one who believes in Me will ever thirst. John 6:35

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Wig’s Word of God Today 4-24-2012


LORD, do not hold this sin against them. Acts 7:60b


It is my Father who gives you the bread from heaven, the True Bread; for the Bread of God is the Bread which comes down from Heaven and gives Life to the world. ‘Sir,’ they said, ‘give us that bread always.’ Jesus answered them: I am the Bread of Life. No one who comes to Me will ever hunger; no one who believes in Me will ever thirst. John 6:32d-35


Acts 7:51–8:1, Psalm  31 & John 6:30-35


Forgiveness is the hardest thing to accomplish and I can only imagine what strength and love of Christ it must have taken for Stephen to say in his last breath, “LORD, do not hold this sin against them.” God gave him a glimpse of Heaven in his trial and his longing for the life embellished in Christ would soon be given to him completely for God knew they were soon going to kill him and Stephen would be joining them in Heaven in Eternal Living. Since the beginning of Christ’s time, the last 2000 years have seen many a Martyr come and go resting in the fullness of God’s grace.


Each has given there own contribution to the world we call home to overcome the selfishness of sin and division. Each of these great sacrifices for Truth came with the knowledge of Eternal Life in Heaven and therefore demonstrates a forgiveness of their killers as a grace from God Himself. It is my belief the aborted children of the world play with Christ in Heaven in a forgiveness granted only by Christ Himself. Will you forgive before you die the hate or disgust you harbor inside? Jesus is asking us to live as He did in forgiveness. Amen.


There is a joy we receive when we share the love of Christ with people we know and don’t know that lifts us up into real forgiveness. It is Christ we must share with the people around us to help satisfy the hunger we live for each day. The hunger of love and affection that all humanity craves from the opposite sex as much as the love and affection we crave from the Trinity. Let us live to share His Truth to overcome the division in the world and promote True Forgiveness in a life of faith, hope and love. Only in His True Bread may we find the nourishment of Eternal Life ready to forgive and forget for the Glory of God. Amen.


Dear LORD, we pray to forgive by the nourishment Your Bread of Life gives us. We pray for my children. We pray LORD all petitions are gathered to make the ballot. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.


God Bless His Truth for America,

Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins

Romans 8:28

Spirit led God inspired Christ fed


I Am the Bread of Life to never hunger- John 6:30-35


The crowd asked for sign

To believe in Him as they whine

What can you do to make us find?

Eternal Living in bread as we dine


Your ancestors ate manna in the heat

The desert place of God’s choice to greet

From Heaven above did the food fall to seek

True Bread from Heaven to Eternally meet


Jesus gave an amen or two and noted

Moses didn’t give them bread He quoted

It was My Father Who sent them love from above

True Bread was their Eternal offering to love


They asked to receive this bread always

He responded in kind to overcome the haze

I Am the Bread of Life to never hunger

Believe in Me and thirst no longer


© Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins April 23, 2012 @ 5:27 AM EST

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