I have without faltering put before you the whole of God’s purpose. Acts 20:27

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Wig’s Word of God Today 5-22-2012


I have without faltering put before you the whole of God’s purpose. Acts 20:27


Just as you have given Him Power over all humanity, He may give Eternal Life to all those you have entrusted to Him. And Eternal Life is this: to know You, the only True God, and Jesus Christ Whom You have sent. John 17:2-3


Acts 20:17-27, Psalm 68 & John 17:1-11


Paul shared his entire life for Christ once he was struck blind on the road of persecution. Many of us lived on the very same road of persecution poisoning our minds, bodies and actions with chemicals and acts of disrespectful lust and obsession. We shared only the things we had to seeking only the act of selfish greed, pride and lust. Nothing mattered more than to obtain and work towards getting whatever your lustful desires was or is.


Sure, we shut out friends, co-workers and family but we didn’t care. We lived for us instead of living for God’s Purpose. We had no idea how to give without wanting something in return. We didn’t know how to seek God’s Truth continually to gain wisdom from His Knowledge in Word. We avoided talking to God in prayer by masking the desire with curtains of sin. We walked away from people who spoke about faith, charity and love as if they were poison.


We didn’t understand that living for God’s Purpose simply meant living as God Commands where He gives us His Joy to know Eternal Life. When we experience there is so much pleasure in learning the Bible, we become unafraid of study, prayer and speaking about God’s love.


God’s Purpose is to study His Love in His Word. God’s Purpose is to pray about everything we do giving Him all the Glory for everything in our lives. God’s Purpose is the preaching we do in thought, tongue and talents to live according to His Will. God’s Joy is abundant in living for God’s Purpose. I pray we learn to see God’s Purpose together as we whisper His Word in our practice, prayer and preaching. Amen.


I have surely lived the West Coast Jet Lag these past few days that included a 12-hour last day of walking then waiting, planes and swollen feet arriving home past one in the morning. We enjoyed my daughter’s wedding amongst the beauty of grape vines and majestic oak trees and pray for her and Mark daily as she begins her “Stern” new life of being a doctor and a wife. I am happy for them both. I thank my daughter for she has taken me on a journey I probably would have never taken. We were able to pray with some and talk to many living God’s Purpose as best as we can. I look forward to getting back to writing early and showing my students the adventure tomorrow at school.


Dear God, we pray to live in Your Purpose to accomplish Your Will. We pray to Glorify You LORD. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.


God Bless His Truth for America,

Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins

Romans 8:28

Spirit led God inspired Christ fed


God’s Purpose for His lost Humanity- Acts 20:17-27


What is God’s Purpose to see?

To live in lust of thee

Pleasure of pain to be

Soul damaged lust succeed


God’s Purpose is practice in glee

Smiling at His Eternal Living Decrees

Where Truth abides a soul to agree

Forgiveness won hanging on a tree


God’s Purpose is to pray to flee

The lust of Satan’s virgin cherry

To call out to Him never to flee

Prayer’s protected soul of His Glory


God’s Purpose is to proclaim for He

He is the Glory of Redemption to retrieve

We whisper His soul to achieve

God’s Purpose for His lost Humanity


© Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins May 22, 2012 @ 10:19 AM EST

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