How to support Tom Catena at Mother of Mercy Hospital in Sudan, Africa.

Below you can learn how to support Dr. Tom Catena’s Mission Work in Sudan. You can learn more about his work by clicking on the links below for the different articles written about his charitable medical work.

Catholic Digest Article

Time magazine Article: Alone and Forgotten, One American Doctor Saves Lives in Sudan’s Nuba Mountains

Read more:

How to support Tom Catena,

1) Pray for him, the Mother of Mercy Hospital and the patients

2) Support him financially by mailing a check to:

Bishop Gassis Sudan Relief Fund

c/o Neil Corkery

3007 P St. NW

Washington, DC 20007

The check can be made out to ‘Bishop Gassis Sudan Relief Fund’ and best to write’For Dr. Tom Catena’ on the ‘for’ line of the check.

3) If you want to contact him and send him a note of encouragement, you can send an email to:



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