Her death stone throw first if no sin is found

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Universal Utterings
for March 30, 2017

Then each went to his own house, while Jesus went to the Mount of Olives. But early in the morning he arrived again in the temple area, and all the people started coming to him, and he sat down and taught them. Then the scribes and the Pharisees brought a woman who had been caught in adultery and made her stand in the middle. They said to him, “Teacher, this woman was caught in the very act of committing adultery. Now in the law, Moses commanded us to stone such women.* So what do you say?” They said this to test him, so that they could have some charge to bring against him. Jesus bent down and began to write on the ground with his finger. But when they continued asking him, he straightened up and said to them, “Let the one among you who is without sin be the first to throw a stone at her.” Again he bent down and wrote on the ground. And in response, they went away one by one, beginning with the elders. So he was left alone with the woman before him. Then Jesus straightened up and said to her, “Woman, where are they? Has no one condemned you?” She replied, “No one, sir.” Then Jesus said, “Neither do I condemn you. Go, [and] from now on do not sin anymore.” John 7:53-8:1-11

For their sake He remembered His Covenant and relented in His abundant Mercy. Psalm 106:45

John 7:53-8:1-11 & Psalm 106:45

Chapter 8 begins with the ending of chapter 7 where the disciples return to their respective homes while Jesus visits the Mount of Olives surely praying on his knees resting until early morning making his way to the temple area to teach those who sat and listened to him share the Good News. What he spoke to those around him showed and everlasting mercy that God speaks of as relenting his wrath creating a calming effect on those who patiently heed asking inquisitive questions in the event of a law that seemed right although wrong for so long not many would question its validity when described it as Christ did with his fingers writing in the sand.

Mercy doesn’t yell nor should it dispel the notions of anger constantly beckoning you to dreams of trauma where reality may have left a pain in your mind resonating years later as parts of you begin to fail. Jesus knows that humanity cannot and will not stop being selfish as sinners each and every day exemplifying all the more reason why Jesus allowed himself to be nailed to His Cross. What he would soon undertake as a Passion that would have killed most men is described as the mercy he asks of each and every one standing in judgment of this woman who was an adulterous knowing that not one of them is free from sin but reluctant to admit. This type of punishment was created by men for men and is placed into effect to control women. Surely Jews dispel this notion today but not other religions who use girls as prey. Amen.

Join us in our daily prayer of forgiveness. I am sorry Lord. I believe You died for me and Rose to Redeem the world. Help us to live forgiven. Call on us to confess daily lifting Your Cross high. Enlighten us to share Your Salvation. Help us to serve the least. Novena Day two for Conchita. Prayers for JSRW. IN Jesus Name we pray. Amen.

I am a poet obedient to Christ,
Evangelist Thomas Cruz†Wiggins
†Spirit led God inspired Christ fed†
Ephesians 6:17-20

John 7 53 thru 8 1 thru 11

**Her death stone throw first if no sin is found**

Olive Mount went Jesus
All disciples went home
Area temple Jesus arrived morning early
Teaching those who set down with him

Woman brought by the Pharisees and scribes
Adulterous caught middle placement public demand
Adultery committed act caught woman doesn’t deny
Addressing him as teacher wanting him to remand

Stone woman as commanded by Moses’s law
Him tested for charges against him
Finger of his ground writing bent Jesus all saw
Him asked continually before straightening out their grin

Her death stone throw first if no sin is found
All responded with silence heads shamefully bent down
Ground writing Jesus stooped to the ground
Elders began the exit one by one away went their frown

You condemned no more they are where?
Sir not one replied her relieved to sin shun
You condemned not by I said Jesus with care
More sin live not Life Eternal you have won

© Thomas Joe Cruz†Wiggins
March 30, 2017 @ 5:47 AM EST

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**Can somebody say, “Amen!**

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