Do you know His Mighty Deeds in repentance? “Then He began to reproach the towns where most of His Mighty Deeds had been done, since they had not repented.” Matthew 11:20

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Wig’s Word of God Today 7-17-2012

Do you know His Mighty Deeds in repentance?

Then He began to reproach the towns where most of His Mighty Deeds had been done, since they had not repented. Matthew 11:20

Isaiah 7:1-9, Psalm 48 & Matthew 11:20-24

I believe in the wrath of God just as I believe He will allow the sun to rise on our days until He decides to crush His haven of life formed by the breath of His nostrils. Jesus warns the people of Capernaum: “Will you be exalted to heaven? You will go down to the netherworld.” We too are being warned today by Christ’s Gospel that if we don’t seek His Truth in our daily lives we too will face the wrath of God’s Divine Will for the unworthy secular driven side of the world. Oh, you may balk at the thought of God executing His Judgment until the day you find yourself on the brink of death from selfish desires of flesh and greed. Maybe you’ve smoked too long. Maybe drinking has been the focus for far too long. Whatever it is, I pray you can see God’s Truth as the guide to get your life back. To forgive. To heal. To live for God’s Purpose. Amen.

As I sit here in the hospital amongst the confusion of trauma, therapeutic treatment and sometimes death, I have stepped up my reaching out to people in need of prayer to share His Mighty Deeds of healing. In the eighteen days I have been here with our son, I have prayed with families seeking comfort as well as saying goodbye to a loved one whose body no longer stood the effects of trauma. I have eagerly tried to be the eyes, hands and feet of Christ instilling His Truth in complete strangers to bring about restoration, recuperation and recovery. I feel His Spirit in the midst of pain and discomfort.

Yesterday, I stopped in to see a young 31-year-old man named Joel. He has been here for a few days with minimal visitations and I could tell he was open to having some company. Opening the glass door to his room I asked, “Up for some company? Man, I’ve been praying for you since they brought you in here. I can tell God is healing you my brother.” He smiled as he sat in his chair next to the bed, an indication he’s healing a progressive recovery holding out his hand to take mine in a firm handshake. A victim of being stabbed four times, he looked happy to have someone to pray with. As we prayed together, we both sobbed by God’s Healing Touch through our hands of unity. Our tears reminded me of the washing Jesus did of the feet of His Disciples. What growth in God’s Tears of love. Leaning over to say goodbye, I kissed him on his forehead making the sign of the Cross stating, “God First Joel- all else will fall into place. Amen!”

So we ask in prayer: Dear LORD, we pray today to repent daily in a confirmation of knowing Your Mighty deeds of Healing are real in the lives of ordinary everyday people of faith. We pray for Julian’s complete recovery. We pray LORD You will instill in Julian the strength to stand up and sit in a chair tomorrow. We pray for the Police/ Firefighter Emmaus as well as the NC Emmaus coming up this weekend. We pray LORD to give more and take less. We pray for Joel and his recovery. We pray this in the Name of Christ Jesus. Amen.

God Bless His Truth for America,

Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins

Philippians 4:4-7

Rejoice and have peace in Christ Jesus!

Spirit led God inspired Christ fed


In His Truth our life to regain- Julian’s first stand to sit in a chair


We took our first quest

An early morning request

A son who wants to know

The strength God bestows


Laying in a bed for weeks

Made his back very weak

We want what our brain recalls

Standing for God so tall


Strength amongst the pain

Made our chair visit in vain?

Not so I eagerly exclaimed

G0d gave you life to reclaim


One step at a time for fame

There is absolute strength to gain

Lift your spirit to regain                   

Healing in God without shame


In His Truth our life to regain


© Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins July 17, 2012 @ 6:53 AM EST

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