Disciples ask meaning see not then see

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Universal Utterings
for June 6, 2017

Disciples ask meaning see not then see

So some of his disciples said to one another, “What does this mean that he is saying to us, ‘A little while and you will not see me, and again a little while and you will see me,’ and ‘Because I am going to the Father’?”18So they said, “What is this ‘little while’ [of which he speaks]? We do not know what he means.”19Jesus knew that they wanted to ask him, so he said to them, “Are you discussing with one another what I said, ‘A little while and you will not see me, and again a little while and you will see me’?20Amen, amen, I say to you, you will weep and mourn, while the world rejoices; you will grieve, but your grief will become joy.” John 16:16-20
The wicked sees and is angry; gnashes his teeth and wastes away; the desire of the wicked come to nothing. Psalm 112:10
John 16:16-20 & Psalm 112:10

It took a little bit of time for the Disciples to understand exactly why Jesus kept telling them that in a little while he was going to disappear but yet they would see him again allowing them an opportunity to see and witness his resurrection and ascension. We all want to keep Jesus in our hearts thinking that he will never leave but recognize less the need to share what it means to live redeemed being one with God First in all things to experience the love, faith and hope of his true Charity.

It’s not something difficult for us to accomplish if we make him a part of each and every day we live and breathe in this wonderful beautiful world that many want to make it into a place of hardship without a single cause except by the flesh. We will grieve and we will morn as well as weep for others each week and saying goodbye to those who we love the most just as the disciples did when Jesus died and rose and ascended by the Divine Power of God.

Remember the anger that others grieve while gnashing their teeth will waste away in the wickedness that God will make them represent nothing. Stay steadfast and understand that Jesus will never leave you and he will be a part of each and everything you do as he asked of you, “Who would you share me with today?” Amen.

Join us in our daily prayer of forgiveness. I am sorry Lord. I believe You died and Rose for me. Prayers for all who have asked us to pray for them or we said we’d pray for. IN Jesus Name. Amen.

I am a poet obedient to Christ,
Evangelist Thomas Cruz†Wiggins
†Spirit led God inspired Christ fed†
Ephesians 6:17-20

John 16 16 thru 20

Disciples ask meaning see not then see

Disciples ask meaning see not then see
Jesus’ Father going making them grieve
Understand not how they will be free
Jesus knew what they couldn’t believe

Double amen Jesus said his need
Mourn and weep and some will bleed
Grief from weeping what you concede
Rejoicing world while you learn to feed

Joy becoming more than the grief previously decreed

© Thomas Joe Cruz†Wiggins
June 6, 2017 @ 9:17 AM EST

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**Can somebody say, “Amen!**

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