Death day way despise Truth in jest

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Wigs Word of God Today

Universal Utterings for 10-13-2014

Laziness brings on deep sleep, and the sluggard goes hungry. Those who keep Commands keep their lives, but those who despise these ways will die. Whoever cares for the poor lends to the LORD, who will pay back the sum in full. Discipline your son, for there is hope; but do not be intent on his death. Proverbs 19:15-18

Galatians 4:22-31–5:1, Proverbs 19:15-18 & Luke 11:29-32

We often wonder what it’ll take to pay back God for all the selfish things we did when sin was the subconscious we created by basking in lust, envy and greed. We look back many a time before the complete surrender thinking there’s really no way God will forgive this or that for the ugliness seen in the creation and completion of every sinful act seems to vast to have pardon by Perfection we injure in the midst of sinning. Perfection is all around you in the Creation we call home be it the body you deniably torture to the lands we have consequently stripped all perfected by the One and Only Creator who forgives.

He forgives by the Mystery of Salvation undeniably spoken and confessed by your lips allowed in the joy of living by faith, hope and love of charity. Yes, God wants you to lend your surrendered hand to the poor be it the lost and lavished as much as the sinners and sojourners of selfishness. You can pay back the LORD by working with faith echoing in prayer by thoughts of goodwill caressing the good deeds proclaimed. Shed the worry of not paying back the full amount in the obedient surrender of loving God First instilling practice, prayer and proclamation of living to care for the poor or prideful people. Amen.

We ask in prayer. Dear LORD, we pray to give back by Your love LORD instilled in our hearts by Your Truth. We pray for my son Jeff. Prayers for Dr. Cruz-Peluca. LORD from Proverbs 19:16 I chant; “Those who keep commands keep their lives, but those who despise these ways will die.” In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.

I am a poet obedient to Christ,

Evangelist Thomas Cruz†Wiggins

Spirit led God inspired Christ fed

Ephesians 6:17-20


Proverbs 19 15 thru 18 Death day way despise Truth in jest


Sleep deep caused in laziness

Hungry death sluggard rest

Lives lived kept Commands radiance

Death day way despise Truth in jest


LORD repays care given the poor

Full sum paid by God’s assuredness to adore

Hope still to discipline your son’s life core

Death not intent of his laziness you can’t ignore


© Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins October 13, 2014 5:22 AM EST

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