Day Six of Congress Walking for Truth began at Mile Marker 77

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Day Six of Congress Walking for Truth began at Mile Marker 77 this morning with a walk along the latter miles of Islamorada. A very close friend and photographer showed up today to take pictures as I walked waving to passing cars and handing out information cards to people who walked near me. I walked into Latitude 25 Clothing Company around Mile Marker 82 and spoke to a few people obtaining some petition signatures and hearing once again the cry for career politicians to leave our Nation’s Capital.
After a brief water break there at Latitude 25, I walked up to the Islamorada Post Office and spoke to several people coming and going as I held my 15 foot flag pole waving Old Glory and a POW Flag. One man gave spoke to me about his disgust with our country’s politicians feeling many are disconnected with the common voter. I reminded him it was time to change this scenery in Washington and we the voters have the say so of who will represent us in our Nation’s Capital. I added, “I feel God is calling me to be a Truth Representative of the People and not a politician as I am a common man with values of faith, charity and love.” He replied, “Exactly what we are missing in Washington.”
After a few more information cards being handed out, I walked towards The History of Diving Museum. As many times I have been to Key West, I have never stopped here and explored this location. I was greeted by Karen Gilbert as I was taking a picture of the sign for the museum. After a brief discussion of what I was trying to accomplish in my walk from Key West to North Miami Beach, she invited me in to get some information about the place for a possible field trip next year with my kids at school and explained the museum was run a not for profit organization. I encourage anyone who is traveling South to Key West or Robbie’s to stop in and explore this amazing historical place. Here’s a bit of information from their website:
The History of Diving Museum

The History of Diving Museum

“The History of Diving Museum, in Islamorada, Florida Keys, tells the international story of mankind’s attempts to explore, understand and venture under the sea.  Come visit us and marvel at the ingenuity and bravery of inventors over the ages and be thankful for advancements in technology that have lead to modern day SCUBA.”
I continued on my walk over the bridge of Whale Harbor Channel stopping in the Holiday Isle Marina speaking to residents about my mission to bring an ordinary American back to Washington. One lady I spoke to assured me that while she wasn’t a very prayerful person, she would pray for me to accomplish God’s Will. I thanked her and walked into the marina to use the restroom and an Army Veteran and owner of the local gift shop was very supportive of my walk and was encouraged to know common people were getting involved in our nation’s work.
Whale Harbor Channel

Whale Harbor Channel

We packed up there and headed into Tavernier to walk the length of the city along US 1 and I ran across the Free Press which is a local free newspaper. I walked inside and was assigned a reported who gave me an interview of what I was trying to do by walking from Key West to North Miami Beach and then asked if he could take some photos outside of my sign and flagpole. Once we completed our discussion, I walked onto Mile Marker 93 where we ended our journey for the day.
Tomorrow we begin my walk in Key Largo where we expect to spend a few days walking the neighborhoods as well as the strip along US 1 covering approximately 10-20 miles once we finish walking the neighborhoods as well. Please give me a honk or a wave as you see me walk by and I encourage you to park and ask to sign a petition to help me get my name on the ballot. Thanks for your support South Florida- see you in Key Largo tomorrow as our Congress Walk for Truth continues from Mile marker 93. God Bless America- TJCW

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  1. Toni Posted on June 21, 2011 at 1:49 pm

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for stepping up to the plate. Give it all you’ve got and God will carry you the rest of the way. God 1st and everything else will fall into place. God our Father knows best.

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