Counsel of Job waited listened stanzas

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Universal Utterings for June 29th, 2015

(Job) said: “In my own nest I shall grow old; I shall multiply years like the phoenix. My root is spread out to the waters; the dew rests by night on my branches. My glory is fresh within me, and my bow is renewed in my hand!” For me they listened and waited; they were silent for my counsel. Job 29:18-21

For the time will come when people will not tolerate Sound Doctrine but, following their own desires and insatiable curiosity, will accumulate teachers and will stop listening to the Truth and will be diverted to myths. But you, be self-possessed in all circumstances; put up with hardship; perform the work of an evangelist; fulfill your ministry. For I am already being poured out like a libation, and the time of my departure is at hand. I have competed well; I have finished the race; I have kept the faith. Second Timothy 4:3-7

Simon Peter said in reply, “You are the Messiah, the Son of the living God.” Matthew 16:16

Job 29:18-21, Psalm Acts 12:1-11, Second Timothy 4:3-18 & Matthew 16:13-19

Looking into the past seeing what his future will hold because of his belief in the love God will show those who are faithful; to the very last breath. Wisdom will gain you people’s response in what God has anointed you to share with others as His Salvation in Charity we are called to surrender in. Stay the course my friends and see the Light as the Everlasting Call in Heaven where peace can rest here and now as it will in Eternity.

God gave us His Living Son to see these things in everyone we come across in every aspect our days and life have to offer. Give as given forgive as forgiven share as to care Salvation to share hardship you’ll bear. Be an Evangelist of the here-and-now of how the Gospels affected your life in goodwill finishing the race amongst the myths we see across all mediums of the media’s flash or flair of color where only shades of grey exist. Amen.

We ask in prayer. Dear LORD, we pray to finish the race in the colors of grey. Prayers for my son Jeff. Novena prayers day six for ​Blessed Carlos M. Rodríguez Assembly 2790. Prayers for Dr. Cruz†Peluca.  LORD from Acts 28:20, 23 I chant; “As for wisdom, where does she come from? Where is the place of understanding? God understands the way to her; it is He who knows her place.” In Christ we pray. Amen.

I am a poet obedient to Christ,

Evangelist Thomas Cruz†Wiggins

Spirit led God inspired Christ fed

Ephesians 6:17-20


Job 29 18 thru 21 Counsel of Job waited listened stanzas


Old in nest built like a Phoenix

Years multiplied waters root branches

Hand renewed fresh glory realist

Counsel of Job waited listened stanzas


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