Congress Walking Key Biscayne Bridge with Parents and Kids of Room 108

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I resumed my Walk for Truth Saturday in Key Biscayne with five kids and five parents from Room 108. What a thrill it is to see young children react enthusiastically to our nation’s future. There is so much at stake right now in our country as we proceed to the elections of 2012. I hope that I can instill in parents, children and families across South Florida and our great states the desire to actively participate in our country’s future. Now more than ever in the time of the world there is a need for each and every God-given life of this great country to lend a hand in reestablishing the values our country was created on. I want to thank you parents who brought their children out yesterday to allow them to experience an awesome piece of history: their teacher running for the United States Congress.


During the next year and a half I will diligently create a true grassroots effort to accomplish a change of guard inWashington. As many of you know, I believe this change of guard should be across the board of all elected officials who have been in Washingtonfor more than 12 years. No excuses. A complete change of guard to remand our country back to the hands of the people and not the special interests of money ruining our great society. America needs a smaller government to keep spending under control and special interests out of the history of our great Constitution. Please join me in this effort to by writing me and sharing your thoughts for the needs of our great country. My Congress walk the truth will continue as the weeks and months progress to November 2012. Please come and join me if you can and be sure to call her Old Glory and let’s keep God First inAmerica. TJCW


Key Biscayne Bridge Congress Walk


Key Biscayne Congress Walking Parents and Kids


Congress Walking Key Biscayne Bridge at its peak



Key Biscayne Bridge Congress Walking with my 12-year-old son Jeff


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  1. Sports Handicapping Posted on August 9, 2011 at 12:33 am

    Everyone complains about the Governmt doing nothing, but in reality it’s us doing nothing. If the Americans of this country would make a stand and make a demand for what is right then things would finally change. It’s tiring watching about what’s incorrect with our country without action. Stand up for what you believe in.

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