Congress Walking and Talking to people of South Florida

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Completing a class and lots of rain has kept me from walking US 1 these past few days but I have spent some time talking to residents in different areas of the community. I enjoy a good conversation with small business owners who are the ones who re-employ America. Yesterday I met Edward Thompson who owns a landscaping business. His kindness was a nice welcome and I would recommend you to give him a call for any type of lawn or garden upkeep at 786-232-7004. Tell him Congress Walking Cruz-Wiggins sent you.

Edward Thompson of Thompson Lawn Care

Next week, we’ll be planning a day with the kids again and my 12-year-old son Jeff will be walking with us somewhere in Key Biscayne. Thanks for all the encouragement and remember to vote out career politicians. Thanks and God Bless America. TJCW

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