Blessed be His glorious Name forever; may He fill all the earth with His glory. Psalm 72:19

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Wig’s Word of God Today 12-17-2011


Blessed be His glorious Name forever; may He fill all the earth with His glory. Psalm 72:19


Genesis 49:2, 8-10, Psalm 72 & Matthew 1:1-17


Take a moment a bow your head and pray with me. Heavenly King and Almighty Father, we pray today in thanksgiving for the glorious deeds Your Wonder has accomplished for Your Humanity. May Your Glorious Name be on the lips of Your people forever more as the Glory of Your Truth fills every mouth and heart with the Salvation of Your Son’s Blood. In Your Son’s Precious Name we pray. Amen.


Our monthly Kairos Prison Ministry met last night in Dade Correctional in Florida City to over 100 inmates waiting for an early arrival of 10 or so men who wanted nothing more than to serve the LORD seeking to share His Son’s birth with the Men in Blue. The light blue color of their pants and shirts many paled by years of washing them over and over and over reminds me of the open ocean in various seas I’ve traveled in the world in the Navy.


We sang Christmas songs and prayed with smiling forgiven faces of consequential Free Will. Some happy and some sad. Some anxious and some mad. I spoke of making way for the LORD in preparedness guided by the Holy Spirit as John did for Jesus in the desert. Prepared to me means to practice I told an inmate who nervously described his soon release after 18 years.


Some time after he spoke I walked over, simply asked him his name, and began with his name in prayer continuing with “LORD you tell us to acknowledge You in all our ways and You will direct our path. I pray you guide his choices to be Your choices of studying Your Word, living in prayer and actively seeking to proclaim Your Kingdom by his charity. May he work for You LORD. I pray he trusts You LORD. I pray You provide for his needs. In Jesus Name I pray. Amen. God bless you.”


This week we as we all work to prepare our way for the LORD’s birth, many of us wearing our “Keep Christ in Christmas” t-shirts, remember His birth brought Salvation to the world and some how some way we have to share this in life-living example, non judgmental charity and unwavering proclamation. We must unite as one people in God to live for His Truth. “My soul is screaming, Hey you- I’m in to Jesus. I’ve seen the Truth and I believe” mentality. Not describing just living. How can you move the mountains of apathy in your home, your community and your world? Active faith. Active prayer. Active charity. Amen.


By God, His Son and His Spirit we pray to praise the Glory of God the Father. We pray for Tim constantly. We pray for every child and parent. We pray for each other- our families and friends. We pray for Prayer Point today praying for the lost souls of Christ’s children at the abortion clinic on 117th from 7-8 am. We pray for Ray. We pray for LIFE FM. We pray for the Spirit to accept, bravery in God to change and intelligence of Christ’s Truth to know. In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.


God Bless His Truth for America,

Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins

Romans 8:28

Spirit led God inspired Christ fed


Thank You LORD for Life’s God-filled Explanation- WWGT 12-17-2011


Life-living example in no other Name

His Truth should be our daily fame

Life-living example to rise above shame

His Truth will overcome sin to tame


Non-judgmental charity to make His Way

In all of our ways His Truth will carry the day

Non-judgmental charity of no greater way

In all of our ways every person can eternally stay


Unwavering proclamation of free will’s inclination

Christmas time the beginning of mankind’s Salvation

Unwavering proclamation of His Word’s destination

Soon Easter time begins life over death Eternal Ovation


Thank You LORD for Life’s God-filled Explanation


© Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins December 17, 2011 @ 5:39 AM EST


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