Another judge not unclean is unclean that is all

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Wigs Word of God Today
Universal Utterings
for May 18, 2016

For the Kingdom of God is not a matter of food and drink, but of righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Spirit; whoever serves Christ in this way is pleasing to God and approved by others. Romans 14:17-18
My mouth shall speak words of wisdom, my heart shall offer insights. Psalm 49:4
Anyone who gives you a cup of water to drink because you belong to Christ, amen, I say to you, will surely not lose his reward. Mark 9:41
Romans 14:13-18, Psalm 49 & Mark 9:41
The explicitness of Paul liking the pleasantness in Heaven to the joy, peace and righteousness of the Holy Spirit reminds us to be ever tolerant of people likes and dislikes for the judgement is not up to you or me or any other religious. No, God and His Kingdom will share this peace in a pleasing point of protection. Really, the peace Jesus offers is always non-judging allowing mercy in the decisions we make in an instant similar to what we want in life seeking instantaneous satisfaction no matter the blame.
Wisdom comes from words spoken in practice of reading your Bible and looking to the other side of the judgement wall picking up the pieces of a life that went selfishly south where ruthlessness is lived yet pardoned on our knees of confession where insights of the heart will lead you to perform mighty works in the humility of Truth. Truth always brings us to our senses yet ignored unless speaking openly to the LORD when we receive the grace He bestows on others to shine around the necessities of life’s peace. Amen.
Let us pray Lord let Your peace rule our desires of joy by the ever presence of the Holy Spirit. Prayers for my Family of Goodwill across the world who listen on Roku devices and Closer Walk friends like Laura Meyers of Liverpool, England. Prayers for Dr. Cruz†Peluca OHAM. LORD from Romans 14:11 I chant for all families across the world, “As I live, says the Lord, every knee shall bend before Me, and every tongue shall give praise to God.” In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.

I am a poet obedient to Christ,
Evangelist Thomas Cruz†Wiggins
†Spirit led God inspired Christ fed†
Ephesians 6:17-20

Romans 14 13 thru 18 Another judge not unclean is unclean that is all

Way of hindrance block brother stumbling resolve
Another judge not unclean is unclean that is all
Clean everything Christ involved destroy your wall
Love accord conduct gives pristine not a reviled fall

Spirit Holy gives us joy peace righteousness to sow
Matters not the drink or food we proudly show
God’s Kingdom is pleasing peace persistent you know
Others approved God pleased Christ is your chateaux

© Thomas Joe Cruz†Wiggins May 18, 2016 @ 5:47 AM EST

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