All things are called for His Purpose loving the God of Good. “We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to His Purpose.” Romans 8:28

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Wig’s Word of God Today 9-8-2012

All things are called for His Purpose loving the God of Good.

We know that all things work for good for those who love God, who are called according to His Purpose. Romans 8:28

Romans 8:28-30, Psalm 13 & Matthew 1:18-23

When you feel the call of God, there is an urgent feeling in your soul to give everything up for our LORD no matter the cost no matter the consequences. You feel the sense of His Spirit and take upon God’s Will of living for His Purpose. Mary the Mother of God heard this call from the Angel Gabriel becoming the “handmaid” of the LORD’s Purpose.

She loudly yet calmly took the Call as the “Womb of Salvation” growing Christ in her belly displaying her Grace of Immaculate Conception. I’m sure you’d agree men that Joseph had to have an Angel come tell him it’s God’s destined purpose or it would take an awful large commitment of love to forgive and relish God’s Will of a child being born by His Hand.

I’m sure many of you have had similar dreams of angelic visitations that you  haven’t shared with anyone as God allows us to relish the divine presence of our Creator of Truth. The picture has been painted in lavish colors of grace crossing all spectrums allowing a glow of serenity resonate in your soul. Your Pardon. Your Passion. Your Purpose.

You couldn’t ignore it any more than Mary could ignore the growing of our Salvation in her womb. People are going to see it in your face as the smile of Christ reaches out and touches the masses around you. Everything Mary did from that point worked for the good of God’s Plan for her destined to touch humanity. She gave Him the Name of Salvation: Jesus. He was given the Name that freed us from sin: Jesus the Christ.

Saved by grace we find every purpose for living for His Truth. No balking at our call but accepting the God’s Work as joy even in the midst of the tiredness of our soul. In our calling we are justified to do whatever God leads us to accomplish God’s Glory in our heart.  “And those He predestined He also called; and those He called He also justified; and those He justified He also glorified.” Romans 8:30

When we discover all things are called for His Purpose loving the God of Good, your pardon, your passion and your purpose comes to life. Surrendered in all things to work for good not evil. Salvation not sin. Charity not excess. Make choices of Truth. Let people see your love of loving Christ Jesus. Amen.

In prayer we ask: Dear LORD, we pray to live up to Your Calling LORD for Your Purpose. We pray day seven of a Novena of prayers for Sal Defede’s healing and peace. We pray for Jessica’s arm to be healed. You LORD know our hearts as we pray to Glorify You in all things. Make us unafraid of placing You First allowing every breath to be for You. We are thankful LORD in practice, prayer and preaching. Jesus Christ is Risen! We pray in His Precious Name indeed. Amen.

God Bless His Truth for America,

Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins

Spirit led God inspired Christ fed

Philippians 4:4-7 Romans 8:28

Rejoice and have peace in Christ Jesus!


Salvation our destination– Romans 8:28-30


I have a love to share

His Purpose I dare

Working for Good I care

His love so fair


Foreknew before Christ

His Redemption to suffice

My destiny His image

My sin I did pillage


The firstborn predestined sanctification

His Call our justification

His glory our qualification

Salvation our destination


© Thomas Joe Cruz-Wiggins September 8, 2012 @ 5:58 AM EST

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