Abuse suffered not teaching advice

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for December 18, 2015

Those who are under the yoke of slavery must regard their masters as worthy of full respect, so that the Name of God and our teaching may not suffer abuse. Those whose masters are believers must not take advantage of them because they are brothers but must give better service because those who will profit from their work are believers and are beloved. 1 Timothy 6:1-2

God will defend the oppressed among the people, save the children of the poor and crush the oppressor. Psalm 72:4

She will bear a son and you are to Name Him Jesus, because He will save His people from their sins. Matthew 1:21

1 Timothy 6:1-2, Psalm 72:4 & Matthew 1:21

Slavery was the one item humanity took way too long to overcome stealing the rights of another in the grips of forced labor. It always blows my mind that another human could want to hold man, woman or child against their will to accomplish selfish acts of indulgence. Jesus described this “Yoke of Slavery” as the sin of living a life of self wondering not in the gutters of Charity extending not the hand of compassion.

Humanity’s slavery now exceeds all human bound people of our past plastered on the screens of entertainment distorting our view of Charity’s love, faith and hope of living in peace. I hear of this tranquility more so in the depths of confusing acts of greed, envy and lust by the Disciples of Mercy who share the Gospel in their practice, prayer and proclamation of Eternal Life. God will free you from your slavery by confessing Jesus is the Christ and the only Way to Heaven. Amen.

So we pray, Lord release slavery for those who believe and confess Jesus is LORD over sin. Novena Prayers Day 2 for Bryan Criales and Elisa Diaz as well as the soul of Carmen Rosa Criales. Prayers for my Family of Goodwill across the world who listen on Roku devices and Closer Walk Media .com people like Julie Baker of Boston and Lola Jackson’s granddaughter. Prayers for Dr. Cruz†Peluca.  LORD from 1 Timothy 4:7 I chant; “Avoid profane and silly myths. Train yourself for devotion.” In Jesus Name we pray. Amen.

I am a poet obedient to Christ,

Evangelist Thomas Cruz†Wiggins

Spirit led God inspired Christ fed

Ephesians 6:17-20


1 Timothy 6 One thru Two Abuse suffered not teaching advice


Slaves had rules in Christ

People of faith have to be nice

Abuse suffered not teaching advice

Slavery’s yoke served better love precise


Believers profit by Salvation’s Sacrifice


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