A Veteran and School Teacher of Miami running for Congress begins TODAY…

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Early wake-up call to drive to Big Pine Key to start the day in the LORD at a Mass at St Peter before my wife takes me to Key West at Mile Marker “0” and lets me walk home. I know, that’s funny but the real business at hand is not funny nor amusing. Our country has allowed people to become career politicians and every American knows, career politicians have created the climate in Washington of distrust. People everywhere are calling for everyday Americans to run for office and we all see a need for the disconnect of politicians in Washington to be replaced with a “Common Man for the Common Good.” Let’s take our country back from the people who have created the highest price for gasoline ever as well as the highest food prices ever. It’s more than time for a change, it’s a time for revision to the Founding Father’s principles of less government and values of more hard work!

I will be updating my BLOG today when I reach my first 10 miles writing about what I’m experiencing and sharing the Truth America craves in a Representative of the People for The People… TJCW

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